About Robert


Robert is an engineer and product developer, turned (or perhaps, 'turning') writer, a slow metamorphosis. He has a novella, and two short stories available for download. His genres are currently steampunk and hard science fiction. His future work will generally be within the SFF genre with two present day thrillers also underway. His books are available from Amazon and iTunes.


A long love for making things has driven Robert forward. Robert’s journey into the maker world started at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for mechanical engineering, with a desire to master electronic and computer control over mechanical systems. His first forward into this world was to work at The Character Shop, making creatures for movies. He worked on some movies from the ‘90s such as “Radio Flyer” and “Hook” amongst a number of lower budget movies. 

The special effects experience helped him realize that he wanted to go deeper into the design of controls, electronics and mechanics for other systems. So he got a masters and Ph.D at RPI and started a business with a goal of making the world first GPS based training watch (remember, it was the 90’s). In that business, the first incarnation of Shandor, a number of projects were done requiring electronic and computer controls over mechanical systems.

Robert eventually left that and started working in alternative energy, mostly fuel cells and electrochemical devices. His latest real job was making hydrogen recycling systems utilizing electrochemical stacks.

Now Robert is out on his own, helping other people bring their ideas to fruition in the newest incarnation of Shandor Engineering.


Robert is married to his wonderful wife, Gladys, who he met in 2001. They have two great kids, Sabine, born in 2006, and Tibor, born in 2009.


Aside from his work with Shandor Engineering, Robert has a number of projects underway. His is still looking to have an impact on the planet and society. His books are one avenue. His promotion of voluntaryism is another. But there is more to come. Lots more, as he is currently looking closer to home to help bring the city of Troy, NY into the renaissance it has been waiting for.

This site is Robert’s home base. Here, he will blog about things that peak his interest. He will also post about whatever project he is currently working on.

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